Franciscan Missionary Brothers (CMSF), an international society of religious Brothers was founded in India in 1901 by a German Missionary named Rev.Bro.Paulus Moritz Hermann. He had a deep love for the poor and marginalized children. So he came to India and established a new congregation to serve them. The Brothers serve in the remotest areas of India, Sri Lanka, Paraguay and Bolivia besides having presence in Germany, Switzerland, USA, Italy and Canada. They serve the people in the fields of education, child care, health, vocational training, rural development, women empowerment and community building. They have more than 60 children’s home in India.

Bro.S.Victor General, a social worker by profession and the first regional superior of St.John De Britto (South East) Region could not ignore the plight of the poor, destitute and forgotten children in their community. Lacking in even the most basic essentials of life, these children were impoverished in every sense of the word. No one seems to want them. So in 2006, with the financial support of the congregation and friends, the Brothers established St.Francis Boys’ Home in the outskirt of Tiruchirappalli city that accommodated 30 children in a temporary asbestos shed. With growing demand for space, a new building was constructed in the year 2008 which has a capacity to accommodate 120 children.

Understanding that education is the key to a better future for these children, every child is sent to the school. Primary children go to the school run by the missionary sisters nearby and for high school the students travel five to seven kms which necessitates for the establishment of a school for the children in the campus. The needs of the children who have lost so much are complex and incorporated into the learning environment is counseling time to help rebuild self-esteem and trust.

The goal is to have every child leave St.Francis Boys’ Home with an educational level adequate to allow them to meet the challenges of the future and allow them to contribute to society in a meaningful way. So the home will support all the children to obtain education to professional level such that they have gone on to meaningful and self supporting careers.