St.Francis Boys’ Home (SFBH) was established in 2006 with a mission to provide poor and destitute children a future. It offers comprehensive support on education, healthcare, security, love and affection to the orphaned, abandoned, underprivileged, and needy children at residential facilities with caring and qualified staff members. More than a facility or an organization, it is a family.

The home admits all children irrespective of caste, creed and their religious affiliation. At present out of 120 children 53% of them belong to single parent families (38 children do not have father and 26 children do not have mother and 7 children do not have both the parents) and 41% of the children (49 children) from poor, destitute and impoverished families. Faced with acute poverty and misery, lack of educational opportunities, SFBH is challenged on a daily basis with increasing need and demand to enroll girls as well.

The residential facilities provide comprehensive care and support to its children until they become an adult. Children are imparted other necessary life skills in addition to secondary or higher secondary education enabling them to be independent as they are integrated in the society as they grow old and eventually leave our immediate care. Non residential support and counseling are extended to the adults long after they leave the home. A holistic growth combining intellectual and character formation is given much important. We want our children to be good, intelligent, sensitive and compassionate.

There are too many children in our area suffer from deprivation and poverty and consequently live without chances, choices and opportunities. Poverty does not only threaten children by depriving them of the capabilities needed to survive, develop and thrive. It also entrenches or widens social, economic and gender disparities that prevent children from enjoying equal opportunities and undermine protective family and community environments, leaving children vulnerable to exploitation, abuse, violence and discrimination. St.Francis Boys’ Home works with such children in the areas of education, healthcare and ensuring children’s rights. Our intervention is designed to snap the self-reinforcing cycle of poverty, ignorance, and disease – one life, one child, and one family at a time.


Our mission is to raise St.Francis Boys’ Home children through pursuit of excellence in academic and practical skills and by modeling integrity and conduct and Christian moral values so that each child will have his/her place as a productive and proud Indian citizen and leader.


To have a nation of proud and upstanding Indians, where all children are given an equal opportunity to reach their fullest potential.